The GardaLakeRent car rental of Rent & Travel Solutions SRL (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”) rents to the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Renter”) the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as “vehicle”) indicated in this rental letter (hereinafter referred to as “Letter) under the following conditions: 1. The Renter undertakes to return the vehicle, with the tires, tools, the rear bending jacket, the documents and equipment supplied, on the date and time indicated in the Letter 2. The Renter receives the vehicle in good condition and undertakes to return it in said condition. The fuel consumed during the rental is charged to the Charterer. 3. the vehicle must not be used or conducted: a} for the transport of contraband goods or any other transport of goods or persons that is contrary to the laws or regulations in force; b) for the transport of passengers or goods, against payment expressly or tacitly agreed; c) to push or tow another vehicle or trailer; d) in competitions of any kind, whether sporting or not; e) by people in a state of drunkenness or unconsciousness, due to alcohol or drug abuse. Furthermore, the vehicle can be driven exclusively by the Renter, or by persons authorized to drive the vehicle with the written permission of GardaLakeRent di Rent & Travel Solutions SRL;
f) by any other person not authorized by the Lessor; g) for any other use or by any other person that may be contrary to the laws or regulations in force. 4. The Renter expressly declares to assume personal responsibility for the payment and reimbursement, at the request of the Lessor, of the following: a) a sum for the mileage carried out by the vehicle during the rental, calculated on the basis of the tariff by reading the odometer supplied with the vehicle, or, in the event of a breakdown, by calculating on the basis of the distances traveled, as shown on the road map); b) a sum to be calculated, in relation to the duration of the rental; in addition, any supplements for the exemption from the compensation penalty for damages, damages and theft, rescue (where applicable} and for passenger insurance and any other charge in accordance with the rate indicated in this letter: c) the Charterer is responsible for the damage caused to the roof, tarpaulin or ribs. The insurance also does not cover the loss or damage of the goods transported: d) all taxes applicable to the items referred to in paragraphs a, b above; e) the amount of fines and any other charges for violation of the rules on parking and circulation of motor vehicles, which may be requested from the Lessor and / or Lessor during the rental, unless they are due to the Lessor’s fault;
f) Euro 18.00 including VAT in case of failure to return the reflective jacket: Euro 144.00 including VAT for failure to return snow chains; g) up to Euro 65.00 VAT exempt for each case of debit of minutes / fines / missed tolls, h) Euro 250.00 VAT exempt as a penalty in case of loss of keys; i) Euro 100.00 VAT exempt as the RCA deductible for accidents with wrongdoing with a counterparty; l) any expenses incurred by the Lessor: including legal ones, to obtain payment of the sums owed by the Charterer; m) the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the Lessor for damage suffered by the vehicle due to collision, overturning or going off the road; except in cases of overturning off the road, a compensation penalty equal to the amount specified in the appropriate box will be applied to partial reimbursement of the costs of the accident, for each event listed below: damage and / or damage; without the involvement of third parties; with the involvement of unidentified third parties; with the involvement of third parties with a clear admission of responsibility by the driver of the rented vehicle even in the absence of damage to the rented vehicle; with the involvement of third parties without a clear admission of liability of the counterparty; resulting from vandalism; resulting from atmospheric events. There is also a theft compensation penalty equal to the amount specified in the appropriate box, for each event listed below: theft; tempted moose consumed; fire. If, however, all the conditions set out here have been respected, the charterer’s civil liability for such damage is limited as follows: I) it will not exceed the maximum established by the price list in force;
The} will be fully covered by the insurance policy if the Charterer has paid the service for exemption from the penalty and this by his initials affixed in the appropriate box of the rental letter; n) the total reimbursement of damages related to the theft of the vehicle limited to the case in which the Renter is not able to return the keys of the rented vehicle being the same in this case not guaranteed by the Insurance Company. 5. The Charterer will not be held responsible for damage or loss of the vehicle not due to collision. overturning or going off the road, but deriving from normal risks protected by an insurance policy. 6. In the case of van rental by the hour, there is a tolerance of 10 minutes; after this deadline, a full hour of rental will be charged. For all other types of rental, a tolerance of 30 minutes with respect to the expected return time is allowed; after this deadline, the daily rate for the rented vehicle will be charged. 7. The Renter and any other person authorized to drive on the basis of the previous art 3 sub e) acknowledges that the vehicle is covered by a normal Automobile Insurance Policy in the country where the vehicle is registered which can be viewed at the headquarters of the Lessor. This policy provides coverage for civil liability towards third parties and for damage to animals or things, within the limits prescribed by the laws in force in the country where the vehicle is registered with the exclusion of any compensation in favor of the driver and of the transported baggage.
The Charterer accepts all the above conditions, the Charterer also undertakes to protect the interests of the Lessor and his Insurance Company, in the event of accidents during the rental and must, among other things: a) provide the names and addresses of the parties involved in the accident and witnesses; b) not to admit any responsibility or fault; c) do not leave the vehicle unattended without having ensured adequate protection; d) give immediate notice by telephone to the nearest Lessor’s office, even in the event of minor damage, by following a detailed report accompanied by a sketch, under penalty of forfeiture of all insurance; e) immediately inform the police authorities in case of need for investigations against third parties or when there are injuries. f) In the event of a claim with a counterparty, the Charterer can fill in the Friendly Notice Form but does not have the right to sign it. g) in the event of damage and a road accident without a counterpart, the Renter must deliver a detailed declaration of the incident to the vehicle delivery point. All documentation must be delivered in original at the delivery point of the rented vehicle within the following twenty-four hours. The Charterer agrees to cooperate with the Lessor in any investigation and / or proceeding relating to the accident. In the face of willful or negligent omission of the submission of a claim report, as well as in the sending of documents or judicial documents, the Lessor has the right to claim for the sums it has had to pay due to the damage suffered. In the event of damage due to intent or gross negligence of the driver, the Lessor must pay the Lessor the amount of all damages and / or losses suffered by the same, including but not limited to the cost of repairs, failure to use for technical stop and costs incurred for the recovery and custody of the vehicle. 8. If the Renter accepts the conditions of the insurance policy for the driver and transported persons, stipulated by the Lessor with his insurance company on behalf of his Renter, and expressly requests it by signing the relevant box, he will be covered with insurance under the conditions described in the insurance policy.

  1. The Charterer releases the Lessor from any liability deriving from loss or damage to property, which he himself or others had abandoned, deposited or transported in or on the vehicle. This applies both during the rental and after the return of the Lessor’s vehicle. The Charterer also indemnifies the Lessor from any liability, undertaking to defend and indemnify him for all expenses and disbursements in the event of claims based on said losses or damages. 10. The Lessor uses all diligence to ensure that no mechanical failures occur on the vehicle but, if this occurs, it will not be held responsible and will not be held responsible for any errors or shortcomings connected with a mechanical failure, or for damage of any kind suffered by the Renter. The latter will take care to always lock the vehicle during stops. 11. The Charterer undertakes not to transfer, sell, mortgage or pledge this rental agreement, the vehicle or tools or equipment or any other part of the vehicle or otherwise act in conflict with the Lessor’s property right. 12. The Lessor reserves the right to regain possession of the vehicle at any time, without notice and at its expense, in the event of contractual breach or its own urgent and unforeseen need. 13. Any changes or additions to the terms and conditions of this charter will only be valid if confirmed in writing.
  2. The Renter, upon agreement with the Lessor, can return the keys of the vehicle by inserting them in the appropriate safety chute of the rental counter together with the form 14 bis duly completed in all its parts (Name, rental letter number, vehicle license plate , email address for sending the rental invoice, date and exact time of return of the keys) and signed in his own hand. By affixing the signature on form 14 bis, the Charterer declares that the date and time affixed correspond to the date and time in which the vehicle was actually parked and locked in the spaces reserved by the Lessor and accepts all the conditions of the Service indicated; also declares to remain responsible for the vehicle in case of theft: attempted theft or damage and any other event that may occur until the Lessor has taken charge of the vehicle at the first reopening of the Rental Service; the rental will be closed by the Lessor at the first reopening of the Rental offices after verifying the presence of the vehicle and the keys and verifying its correspondence to the situation ascertained together with the opening of the rental, except for normal use, The Renter with the signing of form 14 bis expressly accepts the provisions of the following art. 15. 15. 11 Renter who uses a financial credit card to pay the fee accepts, by signing this Letter and approving these general conditions, that all the aforementioned charges are made to his account. The credit card details on the front of this Rental Agreement, partially obscured in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003, will be kept by the Lessor for a period of 730 (seven hundred and thirty) days from the actual closing date of the rental.
    The Lessor reserves the right to pre-authorize / charge credit cards without any written permission from the Lessor. 16. The driver will be held responsible for any damage resulting from carelessness, negligence, inexperience in relation to the use of the rented vehicle. the Lessor, in the cases referred to in the previous paragraph and in any case in which the vehicle is returned in a different state from that referred to in the Letter, must pay the Lessor the amount of all damages and / or losses suffered by the same , including but not limited to the cost of repairs, non-use due to technical stoppages and the costs incurred for the recovery and custody of the vehicle. 17. The Charterer, having acknowledged having received a copy of the information, pursuant to Articles 13 and 7 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196 and subsequent amendments and / or additions, as regards the processing and transfer of the data outside, including sensitive data and including any variations thereof, for the purposes referred to in points 1.a and 1. b of the attached information and in the manner indicated therein, with the affixing of his signature on the title page of the Letter, he agrees to the insertion in the computerized system of the Lessor and to the processing of his personal data for the execution of this rental agreement, of the related services and credit control. In case of breach of contract, the Renter’s personal data may be disclosed or transmitted to third parties only in order to allow the recovery of the credit. 18. The terms of this rental agreement are governed by Italian law and for any dispute arising from it and originating from it, the Lessor’s place of residence is exclusively competent.
  3. The Charterer is obliged to observe the terms and conditions established in this letter regarding the extension of the rental period agreed with the Lessor. 20. The Charterer can consult availability and prices, make the payment following the booking through the web engine of the website When collecting the car, the following mandatory documents will be requested: valid driving license, identity card, social security number and credit card (bank, nominal) in the driver’s name. If the mandatory requirements are not present in physical form at the time of signing the contract, the booking may not be honored and the Charterer will have no right of reimbursement. 21. In the case of a prepaid booking of a specific category, the lessor undertakes to provide the category indicated at the time of booking subject to availability, if the category is not available the lessor undertakes to provide an alternative vehicle proposed to the customer in advance or at the time of the delivery, this proposal may be accepted and signed by the customer; otherwise, the lessor will undertake to return the payment collected during the booking phase only if the reasons for not using the car are considered valid and compliant with the request made during the booking phase.
  4. Changes to the reservation can be made by the customer free of charge after confirmation of the same, within 48 hours of the scheduled time for picking up the vehicle. The change in bookings may result in an increase or decrease in the rental rate in consideration of the changed characteristics of the rental.You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 7 days before the time scheduled for the collection of the vehicle. 23. for cancellations beyond the terms set out in point 22, a penalty of 50% of the rental amount will be charged if the cancellation is made between 7 days and 48 hours before the scheduled time for collecting the vehicle, a penalty of the 100% on the rental amount in the event that the cancellation will be made after 48 hours before the scheduled time for collecting the vehicle.